The WE Initiative

URBANA PROUDLY LAUNCHES The Women Entrepreneurship Initiative

in partnership with Corcordia University, the John Molson School of Business & C2 Montreal

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URBANA Marketing is thrilled to announce the launch of the Women Entrepreneurship (WE) Initiative !

In partnership with Concordia University, the John Molson School of Business and C2 Montreal, ten entrepreneurial students have been selected to document their experiences at the most forward-thinking commerce & creativity event in the world. Together they will share their spirit for entrepreneurship and passion for a more sustainable tomorrow, two of our core values since URBANA’s inception in 2006.

Follow our 10 women entrepreneurs as they explore C2 Montreal’s 5 pillars of 2019 !



Exploring our alter egos in order to market ourselves more boldly, learning from industry leaders about crafting unforgettable experiences, and experimenting with the vertical video landscape – these are only some of the immersive activities and conferences featured under the Marketing & Media pillar, bringing to light what it means to truly move audiences.

Follow Karina Bosca & Funmi Ajike as they navigate through this pillar!


Karina Bosca

Karina is in her 3rd year at the John Molson School of Business, majoring in Marketing. The creative side of marketing always attracted her and she loves the endless possibilities that come with it. She has been involved with student groups since her first year at JMSB and just finished her mandate as President of the Commerce and Administration Students' Association. It has been an amazing learning experience that exposed her to the realities and challenges that come with a leadership role. It even resulted in her adding a Management minor to her degree.

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Funmi Ajike

Funmi is currently spending her undergrad years at JMSB learning the art and science of Marketing. With an international background and a taste for the intersection of business and creativity, Funmi has sought umpteen opportunities to be involved in various circles in JMSB & Montreal at large. Being determined to go beyond her classroom and textbooks, she joined the WE Initiative among other exciting adventures for the upcoming academic year.

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What do the Blue Man Group, harnessing our adventurous spirit, and being in the dark all have in common?? The Leadership & Talent pillar focuses on cultivating innovation and looking at ways to open up channels of creativity, communication, and connectedness in order to lead in the world of TOMORROW.

Follow Berothie Cazeau & Nadeen Rayan as they navigate through this pillar!


Nadeen Rayan

Nadeen is a freelance translator. She specializes in French to English translation, while working with Spanish and Arabic as secondary languages. She strives to develop strong relationships, both professionally and personally, as she believes this is the foundation for her future success. Her background in sales and marketing has helped her provide better value to her clientele as she was able to understand their needs quickly by asking the right questions. This has been the source of her interest in entrepreneurship, especially when she worked in a real estate agency, researching how property values influence the market. In her free time, Nadeen not only reads about a variety of topics, but also enjoys working out.

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Berothie Cazeau

Berothie was born and raised in Haiti until the age of 16. Although she mostly identifies as an introvert, she enjoys connecting with people and having meaningful conversations with them. In her spare time, Berothie enjoys reading books and hanging out with friends. She’s invested in helping others to see their potential and achieve their dreams! She’s also grown to love various areas such as digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and event planning. She takes every opportunity to learn more about these fields & to create her own projects. As a recent HR graduate, she hopes to have a positive impact wherever she ends up next!

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The Art & Design pillar works towards shifting our perspectives when thinking about design, creation, and learning. In order to tackle issues including urban life and the environment, we need to change the way we see the world. Through social art, the concept of slow-looking, music and storytelling, we can take the steps towards sustainable behaviour change and sustainable solutions.

Follow Kelly McManus & Sarah Givens as they navigate through this pillar!


Kelly McManus

Kelly is from Massachusetts. In a past life, she was a musician, actress, and stage manager. At university, Kelly studied business technology management and data intelligence in Montreal and Birmingham, not knowing what to expect. Luckily, she fell in love. Kelly loves people and technology and believe they are not mutually exclusive. She is passionate about helping people. Her greatest joy is when someone comes to her with a problem and she can guide them to clarity. Kelly believes entrepreneurship is a way to make an impactful, positive change in the world because she’s seen it in the entrepreneurs who she works with throughout their startup journey.

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Sarah Givens

Sarah is an American designer, artist, and writer. With one foot in the field of innovation and the other in the studio, Sarah operates as a project manager, design thinker and object creator. Her enthusiasm shines brightest in the act of “making”: making friends, making immersive experiences, making impactful social and green change, making the world a better place. She’s an expert in chronic illness management and advocacy, and aims to always find humor, compassion, and grace in the face of adversity.

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The next frontiers – what lies beyond the rapidly evolving industry of science and technology? How we use digital experiences to enhance human creativity, balance privacy, security, and trust, or even extend human longevity… At this year’s C2 Montreal conference, the Science & Technology pillar invites us to push the boundaries of how we understand AI, AR, VR, blockchain, and nanotechnology.

Follow Maria Stawnichy & Seynabou G. Ndiaye as they navigate through this pillar!

Maria Stawnichy

Maria's interest in leadership and entrepreneurship brought her to Montréal to study Organizational Development and Change Management in the Department of Applied Human Sciences. She is currently working at the Dean's office in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Maria is thrilled to attend C2 to form new connections and explore the latest technology.

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Seynabou Ndiaye

During her last year at Concordia, Seynabou became a founder at Aquantix, a Montreal based startup, that aims to ensure that the quality of fresh water sources remains good for future generations. Prior to founding Aquantix, she got involved in other projects whose goals were providing sustainable solutions to global issues. She believes in using AI for social good and aims to use her knowledge in both Mathematics and Computer Science to push for the development of Aquantix. Originally from Senegal, a country suffering from lack of access to water and sea level rise, Seynabou takes the issue of climate change and water scarcity to heart.

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Under the Society & Environment pillar, the linear moves towards the circular, the capitalist moves towards a social economy, and from plastic we move towards zero-waste. Creativity and culture play an integral role in transforming smart cities that fight climate change and move towards sustainability. It’s time we stop thinking with just our minds and listen more closely to our bodies in order to build stronger, more collaborative living ecosystems.

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Paula Rueda

Paula is born and raised in Colombia, grew up in New York and is currently living in Montreal, she's a sociologist and a social innovator, passionate about social change and developing connections. She is ambitious and has a desire to inspire others. This is one main reason why she loves traveling, it is in her journeys throughout the world that she realized that communities and even individuals have made an impact in the way she thinks and perceives the world, their culture, and their beliefs. It is at that moment that she realized that we all have something to offer no matter where we are or who we are.

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Phoebe Chang

Phoebe is a Chinese Canadian native to Montreal. She comes from a lineage characterized by perseverance, resilience, and hope for a better future, which has always pushed her to explore and experiment in order to find what is most valuable and meaningful to her. After years of exploring and experimenting, she can now say that self-care, growth, and communication are at the heart of what she values. She believes that the key to living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is in building a positive relationship with ourselves, which in turn, allows us to build positive relationships with others.

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